Functional Implementation

Find specialists for implementation of ERP Systems and information systems.

Development and Maintenance

Our specialist team is available to realize developments, customizations to your ERP

BD Consulting

Advance consulting services to databases like maintenance at environments business.

System Administration

Providing management to systems with critical mission and integrating the best technological solution.

Custom software

Building and develop customized software projects, administered by the Moprosoft and CMMI-Dev models

Business intelligence

Access to Oracle Business Intelligence, CBI Answer and CBI interactive Dashboards.


Installation and support hardware, sizing estimate on site

License Management Services

Optimizing your investment in software through an expert knowledge of the range of options in Oracle licenses.

Modern Flexible Attractive Solutions that adapt to your needs
to optimize the performance of your company.

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Advanced center of Attention and Support (ACAS)

Support service to different technologies, know the benefits

Anticipate the events

Receive recommendations that will allow you to make decisions well in advance.

Incident! You are not alone!

Receive the attention of our experts in critical events. Don’t interrupt your operation.

Delegate the operational load to experts

Employ your collaborators in strategic activities while the experts do their work.

Monitoring and control

Receive clear and accurate reports through our communication tools

Light administration

We transform your administrative and payroll load into OPEX so you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient and light administration.


We use a course outline to develop the knowledge of your staff.

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